Please help us reach our £70,000 target to allow this vital research to continue.
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Brain tumours are responsible for the loss of 5,000 lives every year in the UK. Of these, glioblastoma is the most common and aggressive cancer arising from within the brain.

We urgently need your support to help fund the final year of a revolutionary three year project that aims to find a better treatment for the brain cancer glioblastoma. Please help us to reach our target of £70,000. Your support will ensure that this research can carry on working to find a way to extend the life expectancy of patients with this life limiting disease.

Currently treatment methods involve surgery to remove as much of the tumour as safely possible, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In spite of this, sadly most people diagnosed with a glioblastoma will only survive between one to two years.

Our scientists, led by Mr Ola Rominiyi at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Oncology & Metabolism are researching new anti-cancer compounds alongside other drugs that have shown to block cancer cells repairing and therefore surviving after damaging treatments such as Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. The results from years 1 & 2 of the research have been incredibly successful.

The team are using part of the brain tumour taken away during surgery to grow 3D glioblastoma cells in the laboratory. This allows the team to mimic the environment that is found in patients as closely as possible to ensure the most accurate results and therefore faster progression into clinic.

Please help us reach our £70,000 target to allow this vital research to continue.Donate with PayPal