Right now, one in four patients across Sheffield hospitals are living with dementia. It is one of the most common neurological conditions affecting local people.

Through the lens of dementia, the world can look very different. A dark patch on the floor, such as patterns on carpet or tiles, becomes a gaping hole. Shiny surfaces appear wet and slippery. Signs and instructions are difficult to understand, as the words become jumbled and lose their meaning.

Imagine how confusing a hospital ward must feel to somebody with symptoms like that. The unfamiliar surroundings can make them feel stressed and anxious and can cause their dementia symptoms to get worse. It can stop them from being able to do things they’d normally do on their own – like eating a meal, or getting washed and dressed in the morning.

Once people with dementia stop washing, dressing and eating independently, they can easily forget how to. This can make it much harder for them to return to their own homes. With your support we can change that.

By supporting the Dementia Appeal ran by our partners Sheffield Hospitals Charity, you will help to ensure that hospitals in Sheffield meet the unique needs of local people with dementia.

Yes, I’ll support patients with dementia

You will help to…

  • Bring happiness to hospital wards by providing engaging social activities such as mobile dementia cafes and music sessions.
  • Fund the redevelopment of hospital spaces around the specific needs of patients with dementia allowing them to feel as independent and confident as possible.
  • Enable hospital staff to provide the best possible care by providing specialist dementia training in addition to what is already provided as part of their role.