Project cost: £390

When younger patients or patients with learning disabilities are admitted to the neuro wards, many experience extreme anxiety. The nurses actively encourage carers to stay where possible in order to provide some reassurance and a familiar face. To do this they provide a single room in which to nurse the patient, where the carer can stay with them sleeping in a camp bed (a Zed bed) along side. This makes the patient’s stay more pleasant, and also eases things for the relatives.

Unfortunately, the ward only has one Zed bed which is rather worn and will soon be unfit for purpose. Without enough Zed beds, carers have to stay in an armchair over night as there are no trust facilities on site and the rooms cannot accommodate two hospital beds (which are in any case needed for patients).

Neurocare are funding the purchase of two brand new Zed beds, along with the required protectors and bedding. This is an example of an inexpensive project which, nonetheless can make a real difference to the lives of patients and their families whilst they are undergoing treatment on the wards.