Project cost: £25,000

Osborn 4 is a rehabilitation facility for patients that may have had a very long stay in hospital and suffered life changing injuries or illness but for whom there is real potential for recovery. It is a facility that helps patients to recover with the intention that they will be able to eventually leave and live within their community again. It is sort of a half-way house between hospital and home.

As such the emphasis is on rehabilitation rather than medical care and the unit can look after 14 patients at any one time. Patients live full time in the unit and are visited by family and friends. The whole atmosphere needs to be bright and inviting with space to participate in activities and therapeutic groups.

The current communal area is dilapidated and uninviting. Patients and relatives have said that they don’t use the space as it is dark and dingy. Plans have been drawn up to create a self-service kitchen area to encourage patients to make their own breakfasts and to help them to become more self-sufficient. The day room area will have a complete makeover to include new furniture, chairs, flooring, new lighting and curtains. A large wall mounted TV will allow film nights and games evenings to be held to encourage socialising between patients and their families and informal patient to patient support.