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ROSA Robot

Target: £250,000 The ROSA robot is an innovative surgical robot designed to increase the safety and reliability of various neurological procedures without compromising established surgical protocols. Comparable to a ‘GPS’ for the brain, the robot can be used for any type of cranial procedure requiring surgical planning with preoperative data, patient registration and precise positioning [...]

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Multiple Sclerosis Research

Target:£4,025 Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common medical cause of neurological disability in young adults, afflicting more than 120,000 people nationally, and it is increasing in prevalence. We  fundraised for research conducted by David Paling. In most people with MS the disease starts with a relapsing remitting course where discrete episodes of inflammatory demyelination within the [...]

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Target: £13,370 These watches are used for monitoring sleep patterns in children with narcolepsy attending the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Sleep Clinic. Narcolepsy is a condition characterised by an extreme tendency to fall asleep whenever in relaxing surroundings. The clinic diagnoses and treats an increasing population of children with narcolepsy from the north of England. The [...]

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Target: £73,755 The Omnilog system allows researchers to metabolically profile multiple metabolic cellular pathway activities simultaneously in a single experiment, yielding highly valuable disease specific data in patient cells. The assay consists of 96-well microplates with pre-coated sets of 92 different energy substrates that are placed in the Omnilog, which then incubates and monitors the [...]

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Functional MRI

Target: £42,300.00 Large number of specialist procedures are performed at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital every year. These include operations to treat epilepsy and brain cancers. In epilepsy surgery the area of brain where seizures originate is removed whilst in brain surgery operations the surgery will remove the cancerous tissue.  To ensure the best quality of life for [...]

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Osborn 4 Northern General Hospital

Project cost: £25,000 Osborn 4 is a rehabilitation facility for patients that may have had a very long stay in hospital and suffered life changing injuries or illness but for whom there is real potential for recovery. It is a facility that helps patients to recover with the intention that they will be able to eventually [...]

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Stroke Vaccine Research

Cost – £25,300 Stroke is the 4th leading cause of death and there are 152,000 strokes a year in the UK accounting for 11% of all deaths. The long term goal of this research project is to generate a vaccine that will reduce death and disability from stroke. The project requires various pieces of research [...]

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Improvement of M Floor patient waiting area at Hallamshire Hospital

Project cost: £11,500 Neurocare is currently contributing £11,500 towards the cost of improving the waiting area for patients in the Neurology and Neurosurgery Outpatients Clinic. We were approached by a patient Alison Pickard who was very concerned about the current facilities which are very poor with insufficient suitable seating, chairs without armrests which make sitting/standing up [...]

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Deep Brain Stimulation Project

Project cost: £52,457 Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a neurosurgical procedure involving the implantation of a medical device known as a pacemaker. This sends electrical impulses to stimulate specific parts of the brain and is used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other conditions involving movement disorders. The DBS service in Sheffield is one of [...]

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Yorkshire Brain School! Prosthetic Brains for Neurosurgeon Training

Project cost: £6,800 We are extremely excited to be part of a brand new innovation being set-up by neurosurgeon Saurabh Sinha, Deputy Programme Director for Neurosurgery at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals’ Neurosciences department is already a leading specialist centre, offering a full range of neuroscience services, including pioneering new medical and surgical treatments [...]

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