Dyson Fans for Neuro-Critical Patients

Target: 150 Fans

50 Fans Funded
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Patients who have suffered a serious Head Injury or undergone Neurosurgery often run a very high temperature because the brain struggles to regulate body temperature. Ventilated patients run the risk of Pneumonia and can become septic. Blades of traditional fans cannot be cleaned properly, so these fans cannot be installed on the wards because of the hygiene risk.

Neurocare have funded over 50 Dyson Air Multiplyer fans at £200 each for the Neuro Intensive and Critical Care Wards. These modern, bladeless, fans would maintain a much more comfortable environment for the patients. More importantly, they would help to reduce the patients’ temperature and therefore the risk of secondary brain damage.

Studies have shown that an elevated body temperature contributes to higher mortality rates and longer stays in hospital. These fans will therefore give the patients a better chance of a good recovery, save the Hospital money and make the whole experience more comfortable.

Senior Sister and Neurocare Trustee, Julie Neal, says: “These fans will make a very great difference in the care of our patients.”